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Susan Kinnane

A grieving parent who lost her son, Danny Vigliano, 8/17/20.

Fugue by Telemann


I took up the piano more seriously after Danny's passing. He was an amazing musician with a sharp ear and a lot of passion. Danny played the trumpet, piano, harmonica, and both the 6 and 12 string guitar. I was always in awe at his natural musical ability, particularly because he could not read a note of music. I play for Danny often, and when I am riddled with grief, anxiety, and still guilt, I play. It is where I can sit with Danny, as close as I can get to him. Sometimes I think he hears me, other times I just don't know. But on I continue........

Les Miserables


As my son Danny's two year angelversary approached this piece came to me.  I am grateful to have an outlet to express my grief.  Enjoy!

My Tribute




I lost my son Danny Vigliano 8/17/20 from an accidental fentanyl overdose.  This video if for all who have lost someone special that can no longer be with us and the hope that somewhere, someday, we’ll be together again. 



Grief is hard, losing a child is hard, life is hard. Keep dreaming, stay positive, and hold onto the dream that we can end the stigma and have quality and effective treatment for mental health and addiction. I’ll keep dreaming. We LOVE you Danny!!!

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