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Mourning Dove

by Kerry J. Bickford

June 21, 2021

Author: Kerry J. Bickford

High above the chatter of birds

The wailing of a mourning dove


Mouth closed; chest puffed

Coo- coo coo coo

It haunts the sleepy morning


Something deep within me stirs

A sadness that cannot be spoken

A silent, painful moaning

Mouth closed, hand over my heart

I reverently listen


Sometimes there are no words

As the waves crash

And wind blows 

And the ancient carriers of secrets

Console me with their songs

Of love.


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Kerry J. Bickford


Kerry Bickford,  editor of SADOD VOICES newsletter co-facilitates two groups (Nathan's Circle and Consoling Partners) on Cape Cod. Her son, Nathan, died in August of 2018 and her work is dedicated to his memory and the memory of all others lost to substance use disorder.

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