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The Sun Will Rise

by Robyn Houston-Bean

July 9, 2021

Lamp: I have a wonderful friend, Susie Lordi, who works with people in recovery under her non profit 24HR Power, finding fun projects that they can do in the community. She knew about Nick's love of music and knew about the words and picture of the sun that I had found in his recovery notebook that gave birth to the name,The Sun Will Rise Foundation. She off the cuff asked me what his favorite song was, and without hesitation I told her it was Ripple by the Grateful Dead. She surprised me soon after with this lovely lamp that has the song, an exact copy of what Nick wrote and the colors and butterfly from my web page. One of the men in recovery, Joshua Chisholm, had done the artwork for her. It makes me smile whenever I turn the light on.

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Robyn Houston-Bean

Robyn Houston-Bean, founder of The Sun Will Rise Foundation, which provides substance use education, prevention, awareness and grief support for those who have lost a loved one due to substance use. Robyn's twenty year old son Nick passed away in 2015 from a poly substance overdose. Robyn is also active in The Braintree Community Partnership on Substance Use, The Quincy Opioid Task Force, The Quincy MOAPC, The Weymouth Drug Addiction Resource Team and The Norfolk County DA Coalition.

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