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by Kerry J. Bickford

September 13, 2021

Author: Kerry J. Bickford

Darkness prevails
In the early hours of grief
Much like the night sky
When the moon is new
And our hearts
A cavern of despair.

As time passes
And sorrow remains
Slivers of light
Appear like stars
And for a moment
We imagine our loved ones
Faces in the sky

The moon waxes on
And so do we
Whether we want to
Or not
And we remember the days
When moonbeams
Shone softly
On their pillows.

Then one luminous night
We are blinded
But not fooled
By the light
For soon it will wane
Into darkness
But take heart:
Love, like the moon
Is always there
Even when we cannot see it.

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Kerry J. Bickford


Kerry Bickford,  editor of SADOD VOICES newsletter co-facilitates two groups (Nathan's Circle and Consoling Partners) on Cape Cod. Her son, Nathan, died in August of 2018 and her work is dedicated to his memory and the memory of all others lost to substance use disorder.

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