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by Kerry J. Bickford

July 12, 2022

Author: Kerry J. Bickford

Someone once said
Draw what grief feels like
So, I thought for a while
And closed my eyes
And drew a heart
With a giant crack
A gaping wound
Surely no one can survive such a wound
Yet there it was
I was still breathing
and my heart
Still beating.
Slowly I began to grow around it
Imagined cradling it in my hands
And the beat of your heart
In a place deep inside me
Where once you were safe.
And where nothing and no one
Can ever take you away again.

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Kerry J. Bickford


Kerry Bickford,  editor of SADOD VOICES newsletter co-facilitates two groups (Nathan's Circle and Consoling Partners) on Cape Cod. Her son, Nathan, died in August of 2018 and her work is dedicated to his memory and the memory of all others lost to substance use disorder.

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