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Geoff’s mom heart shaped hammered necklace

by Judy Kelly

April 24, 2023

During a workshop sponsored by The Sun Will Rise I was able to remember my son Geoffrey by creating this heart shaped hammered spoon necklace. Sitting with other Moms missing their sons, we discussed which special spoon to choose and how to shape it, what inscription should be added, and any beads, pearls or stamps to include. Along with our activity we spontaneously discussed our boys and how we are able to cope in our lives without them.

This moment in time allowed a bit of creativity to mingle with loss and companionship which concluded with a tangible and meaningful memento. Finding ways to cope with loss has taken many pathways for me and this was one more opportunity to allow my connection with others help me with my grief journey.

The studio owner and artist of Spoon & Hammer studio is Christine Ernst who helped me create this necklace.

This piece is done in memory of Geoffrey Watt.

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Judy Kelly

Judy Kelly, mother of three adult children, lost her youngest son Geoffrey at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Judy attends as many grief support groups as her full time library position allows. Building relationships with other grieving family members and finding ways to honor Geoffrey’s memory is how she is finding ways to cope and survive her tragedy.

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