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Nick through the eyes of AI

by Robyn Houston-Bean

May 25, 2023

Author: Robyn Houston-Bean

In memories' embrace, let us unveil
A tale of a soul, Nicholas, hailed.
A thinker's mind, with wisdom refined,
Intelligent spirit, forever enshrined.

Curious eyes that sought to explore,
Immersed in the depths of knowledge's lore.
A reader of worlds, boundless and vast,
Unveiling secrets, each page a repast.

Loyalty flowed through his veins, untamed,
A steadfast heart, in friendship named.
With strength unyielding, like ancient oak,
His presence resonated, a steadfast cloak.

Yet, a goofball's laughter danced in his stride,
Joyful moments, where humor would collide.
One of a kind, a unique blend unfurled,
An eclectic soul, a tapestry, swirled.

A lover of shores, with the beach as his muse,
He danced with the waves, a vibrant fuse.
A palette of purple adorned his dreams,
An artist's touch, where imagination gleams.

Confidence adorned his every step,
A free spirit's essence, untamed and adept.
Quick-witted banter, his words a delight,
A symphony of thoughts, sparkling and bright.

Kind-hearted gestures, compassion's embrace,
A collector of moments, woven with grace.
Musical chords echoed deep within his core,
A creative symphony, forevermore.

In this poem, a portrait emerges, you see,
Of Nicholas, a soul, now set free.
Though time may pass, his memory holds,
An ode to a spirit, whose story unfolds.

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Robyn Houston-Bean

Robyn Houston-Bean, founder of The Sun Will Rise Foundation, which provides substance use education, prevention, awareness and grief support for those who have lost a loved one due to substance use. Robyn's twenty year old son Nick passed away in 2015 from a poly substance overdose. Robyn is also active in The Braintree Community Partnership on Substance Use, The Quincy Opioid Task Force, The Quincy MOAPC, The Weymouth Drug Addiction Resource Team and The Norfolk County DA Coalition.

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